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7 Types of Grabbing Cranes That You Need to Know About

7 Types of Grabbing Cranes That You Need to Know About

  • By: Venus Engineers
7 Types of Grabbing Cranes That You Need to Know About

Foam Grabbing Cranes are high in demand because they are simple to operate and can be used in any environment. Venus Engineers are the top Foam Grabber Cranes Manufacturers in Rajasthan because we aim to provide convenient-to-use and highly effective cranes. 

These cranes are perfect for building ports, bridges, and docks. They have a wide variety of uses, from grabbing loose aggregations to moving the accumulations to the appropriate places. They are most commonly used at mining sites, construction sites, and offshore oil and gas drilling operations. 

Grabbing Cranes From The Best Suppliers in India

A Grabbing crane is a hoisting machine with a load-lifting mechanism mainly used for loading and unloading purposes at depots of industries, construction sites, and many other places. We are among the prominent Grabbing Crane Suppliers in India. 

There are 7 types of grabbing cranes that can be classified into different categories according to the type of crane, type of grab, and the driving mode of the crane. 

According to The Type of Crane

  • Overhead Grabbing Crane 

These cranes are used to lift granular materials like coal, ore, phosphate, and other bulk stuff. 

  • Gantry Grabbing Crane

They are used mostly in the outdoor situated consignment yard for the shipment of mines, woods, coal, and other materials.

  • Folding Arm Grabbing Crane

This crane is used for loading and unloading logs and sugarcane.

According to The Type of Grab

  • Shell Grabbing Crane

They are ideal for loading various bulk materials, such as coal, minerals, sand, rocks, and gravel matter, in places like ports, docks, and mines.

  • Multi-Flap Grabbing Cranes

They are suitable for scrapping and refining huge amounts of junk in scrap treatment yards and construction sites.

According to The Driving Mode

  • Hydraulic Grabbing Cranes 

This type of crane has an opening and closing flap. It is mainly driven by a hydraulic cylinder. 

  • Mechanical Grabbing Cranes

They are driven by the external force of rope or connecting rod. A dual rope is most commonly used in these kinds of cranes.

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