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Best Quality EOT Cranes That Help to Increase Productivity

Best Quality EOT Cranes That Help to Increase Productivity

  • By: Venus Engineers
Best Quality EOT Cranes That Help to Increase Productivity

EOT (Electric Overhead Travelling) crane is a type of overhead crane which needs electricity to run. Venus Engineers are known to be the best EOT Crane Manufacturers in Rajasthan. The crane consists of a parallel runway and a moving bridge. 

An operator and a control station are required to control the functioning of the crane. They are also known as bridge cranes due to their bridge-like appearance. Single girder and double girder are the two main types of EOT Cranes. 

Unique Features of EOT Cranes 

The crane has a sturdy construction consisting of electric motors, a heavy-duty steel rope guide, a limit switch for upper and lower hook travel, and a girder made up of forged steel. It has a corrosion-resistant body and is easily operational with minimum maintenance. 

We are among the prominent EOT Cranes Manufacturers in Rajasthan because we provide the best quality cranes that help in increasing productivity. We provide cranes with complex but practical designs.

EOT Cranes have a wide variety of applications. They are used in Power plants, assembly lines, and various industries like ceramic, transport, construction, petrochemical, dairy, textile, chemical, cement, shipbuilding, and fertilizers. 

How Do EOT Cranes Help to Increase Productivity?

EOT cranes make lifting heavy things an easy task and help to level up the productivity of an organization. The machine offered by our organization is designed to meet all the lifting requirements, work effectively, and provide the best performance. That is why we are among the chief EOT Cranes Suppliers in India

Better performance of the machine saves time as well as energy, which indirectly increases the yield capacity of the organization. We build these cranes with solid and long-lasting materials, which means they will work effectively for several years if taken good care of. They have corrosion-resistant bodies, so they require low maintenance. 

You can increase the productivity of your organization by choosing high-quality cranes manufactured by us. These EOT Cranes provide safety, reliability, speed, and productivity. They are easy to use, require less maintenance, and help to reduce the labor force.

What Our Client Says

We provides always our best services for our clients and always try to achieve our client's trust and satisfaction.


The main products offered by Venus Engineers are mostly cranes, hoists, machines, and pipes at reasonable prices.

Most of the products offered by Venus engineers are used mostly in construction sites for providing help for the workers.

Some of the products provided by Venus Engineers are EOT Cranes, Circular Crane, Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane, Winch Machine, and JIB MACHINE, at reasonable prices.

We use high-quality raw materials in order to manufacture these products and this is the USP of such products.

Our professionals are the strength of Venus Engineers as they are highly motivated intrinsically and they are well-trained, highly qualified, and well-versed with the latest techniques of manufacturing machines.

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